Jailbreak is four guys from diverse backgrounds in music. Although they have all done rock, members have worked in blues, country, and even polka bands. Put together, they are a high energy classic rock band.


Jay Huguenin - Jay started playing drums at 10 years old in a drum and bugle corps. At 12 years old he was playing in a local small town rock band. At 15 he found country music and played steady for the next 15 years. After 25 years of not playing he said, "It's time to do this again." Joining Jailbreak in 2009, he found the mix he was looking for.

Bob Murawski - Bob began playing guitar at an early age. He started his first band at the age of 11 called Underground Illusion, later called Maybe. In the 1970's he joined a band called Early Iron in which they played all over Worcester County. He relocated to Boston in the 1980's and started an original rock band with his cousin Mike called Dreamhunter. They had air play on several radio stations with the song called "In the City." They played the Paradise Club and other famous clubs in Boston MA. In the '90's he did some recording projects with solo artists in the Boston area. By 2000 Early Iron reunited for some shows with Jefferson Starship which bassist Ed Deluca was responsible for. Later on he joined the group Hot Pursuit which played the Worcester and Connecticut area clubs. Presently he reunited with Early Iron bassist Ed Deluca and formed the energetic classic rock band Jailbreak.

Paul Juneau--- Paul was gifted his first guitar at the young age of 12 and fell in love from that point on. His passion for music started young with local music theater which followed him through High School. Paul studied Vocal performance at Rhode Island College. He also plays acoustic bass, mandolin, guitar, and vocals with acoustic Christian groups, Manna, and 5000 Fed along with his Wife. Paul, his wife Aimee, and Two Sons reside in Burrillville RI. Paul was found by The Jailbreak Band through a video posted by Paul’s wife. The rest, as they say….

*          *          *

Ed Deluca (Retired) - Back when Ed was 18 years old, Phil Cunha (God rest his soul) cut the B&E strings off a Les Paul solid body Gibson guitar and he used that to learn how to play bass. Ed originally wanted to play drums, but Phil told him that he should play bass instead. Soon after he bought his first real bass guitar for 50 bucks and it led to his participation in the bands Terra Firma, Devil Fish and Early Iron. Of those days he says "I think they were fun, and maybe still remember something about them." Anyhow, after 25 years of the whatevers in life, Ed got the hankering to play again. He got Early Iron back together for his 50th birthday bash. During the 10 years since, he's promoted shows, got to rub elbows with some of Rock's notables, played in the acoustic duo B&E with his good friend Bill, and now in Jailbreak.